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Shop and Hop Winners

The first Shop and Hop of 2022 is open! 

Some of you may have already figured out that there are only ten active shopping sims amid the twenty eight that were brought on line. A mystery for sure but making it an easier looking and gathering experience. I walked the mall, looking at each store in only two hours.

On the plus side the event is DIVERSE with most of the shops being new to me. On the minus side I can't remember  an event that had such horrid LODs.  Oh so many shops broke apart from a distance. So much so that I was checking my settings to make sure I didn't have my number down to one.  

Only a handful of my favorite shops were in attendance and there is only one brand I will be going back to buy from.  So (chuckle) that's my honest review.   

BUT of course there are a few "don't miss these" items. I have three gifts that I put in that category. Your picks may of course be different than mine, and to be fair, there were a lot of shops that didn't have gifts out (yet perhaps as I was there on "soft opening" day).  These are my top picks. 

My number one personal favorite is this ELIKATIRA Val with  Mini HUD 2

Number two is featured in the lead photo and below, an impressive dining set with "food" from ionic.

Finishing out my fav list are these friday - Smith Boots 2 (Dirty)  with optional socks

Other items of note:

TO.KISKI - Super star dress
SENTINUS Elise Boots  (four colors in all)
ionic : Romantic diner : Table & Chair

.:{Sofia}:. Gift Sol Gown Dress - Soft Pink

.PrettyDeceased. Lilith Dress

Lilleth Mills PLUSH

neve gift - kiss

{ViSion} // Joanna Bodysuit 

Hair: Stealthic - Searching (Blondes)

Poses by: Verosity,  oOo, Diesel Works, aDorkable, WetCat


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