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Moving Into the Present - the Evo X Journey

Shop and Hop soft opening is happening today I believe -- tomorrow as I write this.   So my plan is to spend the day over there. The early access comes with pluses and minuses -- the minuses being that some folks aren't ready yet and some don't have their gifts for sale until the "real" opening :D.  

I do have a couple of fun but more complex posts in my imaginary queue but the simpler one includes another person  -- who of course I have to round up.  So I decided to tell you about my recent adventures coming into the present so far as avatar heads are concerned.  

This is my building alt who doesn't get out all that much these days but who is looking MUCH better than when she came out of the pod eleven years ago -- one of the last avatars to sneak in the backdoor and get a last name before all the cracks were patched *wink*.    

Since most of her time was spent on the beta grid, she didn't get all that much attention but of course she DESERVES that as she has worked many long hours.   

I decided that "we all" should move into the Evo X world even though I typically scream and yell when making changes.  I LIKE the "me" that is me now. Lani, not so much. So  she was the first to take the plunge.  

She is wearing the free ReBirth head which worked quite well for her and had a Evo X feature even though not sanctioned by LeL. Sometimes that works well -- other times OH so not.   I was willing to do the extra work since I honestly can't see spending the large handful of lindens for a head unless really needed.  

She has currently been trying out the SEVEN skins in the Advent Calendar.  Many have been very nice NOW that she finally figured out why they weren't working.  It turns out that the skins were just fine but she had things like hairbases and makeup that were NOT Evo X and so when switching to Evo X mode those danced across her face in oh so strange ways.    So there is ...

TIP #1 for those of you still in BOM (or "gasp" even applier) mode.    ALL TATOO layers ALSO need to be Evo X.  And yes, I know that seems completely logical but it took me a long while to "get it" (sigh).  

TIP # 2 is a bit trickier.  EARS are separate tattoo layers now no matter if your head texture is on the skin or on a tattoo.  So ear tattoos (hopefully) come in the pack with your skin.  In the case of the 7 Deadly S[k]ins gifts so far there are NO ears which brings us to 

TIP # 3 You can pick up free ear skins to match SEVEN skins (and likely many other skins closely enough) in the main store here.   

TIP # 4 If you picked up the Lilly head from LeLutka a couple of years ago or so  you can get a redelivery at the store and the updated version lets you choose between Evo X and Evo (our older BOM method). 

TIP #5  While you are playing with shapes as needed for your Evo X upgrade don't forget that you HAIRBASE can make a lot of difference in the look. So do some "shaping" with that too as needed.  

TIP # 5  Skin choices will of course make a huge difference in look. Whether you are going for free skins (WoW also has an Advent board and a couple of friends have done well there) or purchasing (I did both) just keep trying new skins until you either scream in frustration or have that "ah - ha" moment.   

Lani made great strides today on her way to semi-glamorous.  She will always have a slight neck seam I think since she is nowhere near 5 fat content (OMG I think I wafted through that when I came out of the womb) .   I may be able to find a good neck blender once she is happy with the final skin. She also would like some subtle eye shadow.  

At the moment I am looking VERY plain with no makeup and freckles that will NOT be my final skin choice -- but I am making progress on the journey also. 

Hopefully as the year roles into the next and I start my 16th year I will feel content and not have to make changes for another two years or so. Fingers crossed.  

The look above is the Taupe color (10 tones in the pack) gift skin for Day 6 at SEVEN.  I used the no eyebrow version which I REALLY appreciate and added one of the eyebrow choices in the LeL hud. I tinted my lips a tad with the LeL hud also.  Since I am still using the Lilly head no shape changes were needed (insert  clapping).  


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