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White Out

It has been frigid -- well below frigid if you can have that in many parts of the US.  I am in the "banana belt" of safety in my corner of the world -- at least that is what an article proclaimed a few years ago. Mother Nature is NOT happy with us and in many cases rightly so.

This will post on Saturday and hopefully you will all be warm and safe and if possible with family and loved ones.  It is messy out there so the SAFE part is on the top of my list for you all. 

Meanwhile it is time to bundle up and if you are stuck at home by yourself you can still shop the weekend sales.  

Yes, I had to chuckle at that.  

There are some cute wall easels out from Nutmeg for the weekend.  Both white and gray are in the pack and there is a texture change menu for the artwork.  They weigh in at 3 li.   

You CAN (sort of) change the textures to your own but they are not made for that so don't expect perfection. And of course some editing skills come into play.  

Have a great holiday.  I am making baked brie spread with cranberries and pecans and (if ambitious) homemade French bread.  

The weather people are currently forecasting  near 60 degree temps for Christmas day (NOT the norm by far) so I may get to do some early gardening.  Works for me.   

Clothes all old to antique and likely not available :D.   

Pose by: Helamiyo and the coffee


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