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Empty Packages

This was written before Shop and Hop opened so I am feeling a bit better about the theme of this post. Of course Shop and Hop is not a typical event like the ones I referred to below it has always been a sales and gift venue.  I look forward to seeing some upcoming events with a bit more of that giving spirit.  


It's not the lack of gifts this season, it is the lack of  -- well let's call it "generosity"; that will do.  I did a tour of the recently opened events this evening. I am sure I missed a couple of less promoted ones but let's say a LOT of events LOL.  These were places that traditionally had stupendous amounts of presents to be gathered mostly by group members.  

The only place that I found (and again please feel free to comment about a regular event that has gifts) was FaMESHed.  The very lovely tree is there with a myriad of boxes. Very pretty.  But you know what? Most of the boxes were empty. For me, this is just plain sad.    

But amid all my despair that we can't be giving in a season presumably about giving there are a few kudos to hand out.  

My gals are looking pretty good these days.  Lani (on the left) got propositioned with a sex for money proposal while AT FaMESHed?  What is going on here? Are there virtual pheromones' floating around? I am in awe. 

Thanks to these designers for putting out stunning gift:

[Have Unequal] [HU] Frost Dress_Mint HoHoHo !!  Lara only. Comes with a hud for on off skirt, panties, belt and color changes (not the main fabric but trim and things.  Really nice.

TORI TORRICELLI // Hanna Choker // FATPACK with big texture change hud. This is rigged in many body fits. 

[Glitzz] Jordana Lingerie - White (includes garter belt - many fits

FaMESHed group required - free

Poses by: BellePoses


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