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The One Linden Avatar

I spent today making a new avatar. She is for business but I still of course wanted her to look good. And, it has been 665 days since Moonlight came into being.  

Before I get too far with my tale I want to say that I was somewhere between shocked, disappointed and appalled at the current intake process.  I ended up at the Linden welcome island 2 rather than Firestorm as I had before.  I had been to the welcome islands when they first came on line and were open for tour. The sim is pretty. That is about all I can say that is positive. There are no instructions, no notecards, no helpers that I could see -- just lost people standing in a huddle where they plopped down.  

Walking around eventually lead me to a place where I could touch a poster and get a coffee cup. No instructions on what to DO with the coffee cup. Why would you want that?  Honestly if I was a new person, I would have been out of there in ten minutes tops.  

I have made four avatars now and helped friends make theirs so I have seen a lot of different entry experiences over the years and this was by far the worst.  Even picking out your avatar is ugly now -- much better in the past even with the same not so great avatars.  If Linden Lab IS actually working on this I certainly hope they put their efforts a bit higher on the priority list. 

Now here is the story of my VERY long day:

Arti was in the plan for awhile but the new Lelutka free head pushed me to do this NOW.  Honestly some of my alts as well as some friends got the head and it was NOT them at all.  She seems way too "hungry" with sharp edges from some angles. And indeed the default body that came with her was definitely not healthy.   For me, the new free Raven head was difficult to get looking roundish.  But Arti turned out fine. I suggest that starting with the default head shape provided and then changing the body is the easiest method with this head. 

I started with the default shape that comes with the head and really made no changes except for overall body fat.  Bodies - bodies.  I bought her the old eBody regular on the marketplace for a linden (hence her cost). She also clicked the Midnight board at LucyBody but that didn't  pay out last night. Both of the free bodies are NOT bakes on mesh, so you need to use the choice of colors that come with the body.   You can get the BOM relay for free for eBody HERE.  The LucyBody has a bom upgrade but it is not free and I was working on the free model for this exercise. 

You can pick up a free skin at the same Lelutka event. The leLAPEAU - Evo X  Elso skin comes in various tones and some are quite pretty and definitely usable.  

But, wouldn'tchaknow when Arit was over at Shop and Hop looking for something to fit here eBody classic (not easy) she found the skin she is wearing.  It is from PUMEC and comes in ONE tone with dark brows.    And the minute "we" tried it on I knew that was her.

The Skinnery also has a gift set of faces until the 30th.  Not Found has some listed also.  

Now SEVEN has a free skin for avatars under 30 days - Evo X and many skintones.  

She also tried several of the shops in the gift giving list "event" that was advertised at the Lelutka Event.  Her only great find was at ADE.  This is new avatar hair she is wearing and can be found with other gifts on the op floor. BUT there is also a long sleek hairdo as well a s a short cut that works for girls, guys or kids.  So that is definitely worth checking out.   

The listings at the popular freebie website hadn't been checked in a LONG while it seemed. Not only were lot of places no longer giving out newbie gifts, some stores weren't even around. So that was frustrating.   

In the end as the day was coming to a close I decided that looking for a choker was definitely the next thing on the list.  And we found this really lovely free one from Salt and Pepper.  

That is the end of the story for today.  She does have one outfit now and one outfit works LOL.   More on that coming up.  

Pose by: Firestorm pose ap


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