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A Home for the Holidays

A story behind this post? You betcha.

I am not sure how I missed the Trompe Loeil - Caerhays Rustic Cottage tinted. It apparently (through some research) appeared at The Fifty in October.  But as I strolled among the houses at the Trompe Loeil site it was a "new to me" build.  It is small but feels roomy with a dining nook and entry , an out of the way fireplace and a separate room which most folks would probably use as a bedroom or bed-bath.   It has tones of small windows and a side door that leads to a deck.  I really love the room layout.   

To be fair, the stone work was a bit to BRIGHT for me in that "white" way so I tinted quite a bit into a medium taupe. Very easy to do it was.  This cutie wasn't far from the landing area when I was there but things move around so do an area search as needed.   

Also in the spotlight, A new group gift from Nutmeg consisting of packages and a "Noel" sign. Now the sign is definitely LOD4 so while pretty, it won't work for a lot of us. Happily -- and I am very grateful for this -- both wrapped packages stack and decorated gift sack are separate. AND they can be used throughout the year.  If you have never journeyed over to Nutmeg' gift area (free group) it is a treasure trove of things. Not everything will work for everyone, but it is bountiful in its nature. Find the gift area around the corner not far from the landing point. Look for solid gray (no textures) crates.   

The chair and tulips are also Nutmeg group gifts. 


ADVENT starts today and two places I haven't seen on a list yet are MEVA (paid group) and Sway's (hunt for stars and redeem gift of the day).  If I find anything stellar I will be sure and post. So far my list is pretty short this years so if you want to check out everything you are on your own.  

Also SEVEN [7DS] will have a gift a day on the traditional wall tree. Wear your group tag (free around Thanksgiving but not now) and pay 1 linden to have it returned.  A variety of skins is usually given with some makeup. I am thinking this will mostly be for the gals now as the store has pretty much stopped it male releases but that is just a guess.

Personal note?  Seraphim's list is very lame this year and left out mine which I sent in so likely left out others too. It is extremely short but added Zerkalo and Vagrant. It looks like they only printed the folks that paid.  Hopefully someone will work on it a bit more.  

And don't forget it is an ARCADE month.   


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