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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Forsythia

Five items to note:    

-Narcisse- Charlotte Set - SnH Xmas 2022 for Maitreya and Legacy with versions.  

EED's SNOWMAN LANTERN resizer  - this is a bit too cutsie for "me" but might work for some of you. The snowman is on bright with no way to turn off (no mod) so be aware of that. 

Vanity Hair::Fada-Must Haves Pack  -- while this is not a new hair by any means I still have it in my inventory from days of blogging Vanity Hair. AND it is the hair I use in my steampunk outfit. So definitely usable especially for role play and "young" folks. 

If you are in need of a simple MALE AO (maybe for an alt?) then don't miss the  Holiday 2022 Shop & Hop Gift) Body Language SLC AO rookie/. So far I am seeing very little for the guys.  I will be having my gals trying out some of the sale AOs. They have newish and freeish ones now but could use an update. 

And before I close out == for you steampunk fans (Chic waving wildly) a gear tree. This comes with a hud for lots of changes to make it your own style. Also included is JUST the tiered tree with no ornaments.  I will be putting it out at Babbage very soon. 

Schadenfreude Gear Table Tree, decorated


The pretty in pink house in the background can NOT be found at Shop and Hop (sorry). It came in while I was taking photos and I thought that the scene REALLY needed some color.  The color by the way is the Pantone color of the year. I am SO glad a friend sent me a video about that. 

It is the barnesworth anubis [ba] visby cottage and weighs in at 77 land impact.  Add four for snow.  Open plan - one big room downstairs and one upstairs.  Traditional COLABOR88 prices and we like that!

Pose by: beyond antique and NLA


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