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Shop and Hop Dec 2022 - Snapdragon

Note on 12-8.  A dozen hours in and half the venue explored, pictures taken, posts done and (almost) all items I am saving put in their respective corners.   There will be one Shop and Hop post per day and a second (most likely anyway) in the afternoon. This is the plan for the near future. If you are looking for Fantasy, Niche, Cutsie Collectables, and Décor, head south from Golden and then west in a clockwise manner. If you are only after wearables then you best bet should you have the time is to move in a counter clockwise direction. OR just be lazy and wait for the different sim posts to happen. That works too. 

Snapdragon isn't as festive as Golden so my starting point was a good choice.  Still there are some fun shops to peruse.  There seem to be a lot of new to me shops this round again. That's a good thing I think. Along with that some really old brands are emerging once more. Always nice to see. 

My picks for Snapdragon nclued:

neve gift - merry & bright -- an all in one that will likely work for some of the free bodies (less places where things might not fit :D)  Lara and Legacy with petites.   This comes with a texture change hud for top, pants and socks with four color schemes including white. 

TONE 2 - Mid Winter Shadows EvoX & Omega -- This is a set of eyeshadow in both solid and semi transparent. All are blue gray which in this case matches my outfit LOL.   I honestly can't tell much difference between the various versions but some of you makeup gals probably can. My alts will likely be very happy with these as they are wearing the new dark blue mesh eyes from SEVEN. 

{Poeme} Elurra Snowflake Earrings (resize) -- also in gold; a necklace is in the pack

DRD - Holiday couch - White  -- gals and couples animations with "givers", this comes in white, black, green and red for the couch

DJ.SF Sack Christmas Tree - Gift -- a really nice 2li at this size bagged tree which probably is meant for outdoors but it "could" be beside the door awaiting some snow melting :D. 

Tuesdays has a $350 linden gift card. How about a table to go with that couch?   

PS there was a fun looking gift outfit in one of the shops with a poster but it wasn't active when I visited so if you like "wild" and mix and match be sure and look for that. 

Poses by: the couch


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