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Santa Inc

Santa Inc opened yesterday afternoon.  It will likely take some time before "I" will get in, maybe you also. But you can LEARN about the event at the official website.  Along with holiday faire from a host of popular creators there is a == well let's call it a bonus box option.  Buy a certain amount at the event and you have your choice of one of two gift packs, "naughty" or "nice".  There are impressive creators on both lists so choosing might be hard. Then, my friends you can spend some more (this includes giving gifts to friends with notes and everything delivered which is pretty cool) and get the second pack. 

I was very happy to see a new release from Second Spaces in my inbox the other day.  Firstly it let's me know that one of our long time and super creative folks is still around.  Secondly it has me being nostalgic for years oh so long ago and fun things like the Hotshots contest in 2010 which I made into round one but completely fell apart with lag frustration in Round 2 and asked the judges to forget me and give my points to someone else.  I did finish covering the contest and if you type "hotshots" into search you should be able to see more if you are curious about times of old. 

It really would be fun to do something like that again  -- but times have changed and folks seem to either shop, RP or have sex (this I am told anyway) these days.  

Anyway (yes, rambling) -- I am always happy to see what's new from Elle Kirshner and this fun tree didn't disappoint.  It comes in both light and dark woods. 

The cookies and milk for Santa (that should likely be in quotes) will not be shown in close up LOL  partly so you can enjoy the surprise yourself and partly because it is questionable if it would be Safe For Work :D.   You can guess which group it is in .  

Update:  I got in to the event in the wee hours of the morning and most booths have photos of their "mystery" prize up so you can see exactly what is in the packs -- or get a good idea anyway. That's nice. 

There are two sims to visit:  

Trompe Loeil - Caerhays Rustic Cottage 


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