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Advent Day 12

We are half-way through Advent and the 12 calendars start today. You can find the easiest to read but not necessarily with all the info list :D here.   Scroll down to the bottom to see the 12 Day Advents.

While I can't say that this has been a notable Advent season for me, my alts and my friends -- TODAY is indeed a good day to get out there and collect.

This 12 [ zerkalo ] Aberdeen Sofa Red - PG is really lovely. 8 li with good LODs and something "I" hadn't seen before. Grab that if you are a Victorian fan.

One of my alts and one of my friends both got "best so far" skins today at WoW and SEVEN.  That all of course depends on your head, and taste -- but still nice. Oh  and I just tried and I like the ANNEFLOOR skin best for me too. Woot. 

MEVA has some must have bracelets in her board today and Vagrant has a lovely gold top that would be perfect for the holidays. It is much more ladylike than many of vagrants offerings :D.

My 12 Day calendar starts today at ARTSCAPE.  A painting a day can be picked up for free. No group required. You can see all the paintings that will be in the calendar displayed along the venue. If you don't like any of them then hey  - no need to gather.  If you just like a couple and don't want to come every day then you can buy them after their day from the holiday box in front of the painting.  Trying to make it easy for you I am.  

Paintings will change AROUND NOON as I am doing this manually.  So coming before 11:30 or after 12:30  will be to your advantage.  Don't miss all the art at ground level. Gifts there also.


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