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Shop and Hop December 2022 - A Tour

Ready to get into the holiday spirit?  It's pretty easy; just venture over to Shop and Hop. The Moles have done an outstanding  decorating job this round and many of the creators have gone all out to boot. 

Fantasy Illumination

This year I am changing my method a bit. I am starting out in Golden which is the region I always visit first for nostalgia's sake (my first event booth was in Golden).  But instead of doing the whole venue in one day (yes, tiring) the plan is to highlight each sim.  That way for those of you that want to "shop along", it will be easy to find the stores featured -- more like strolling the streets than shopping via Amazon; a nice change I think. 

As it turned out serendipity was in my corner and this first post coordinated nicely.  These were some of MY favorite items. 

Blackstone - Ugly Sweater - Fatpack  == a big hud with lots of holiday sweater patterns. Not so ugly :D (Maitreya Legacy and Kupra regulars)

VANNIES Pantyhose Estelle Holiday Gift - Five versions , BOM and some appliers

Exile -  Denise One of my favorite old time hair shops (Fastball was a go to hair fifteen years or so ago LOL) the pack includes huge color hud, style hud and beanie fabric hud so LOTS of options

[Harshlands] Christmas Toy Train  - So cute and of course it travels the train tracks. Perfect for around your tree or a pile of presents if you are decorating.  Harshlands is sharing space with Belle Epoque so find the small entrance close by. 

Gifts are often easy to find and many have a poster besides the holiday box. But some are trickier :D.  These really lovely outdoor lanterns  are from Make a Mark. You will spot the Asian house in the snow easily. 

And those are some highlights from Golden

You can find a list of all the regions in the Destination Guide here. 

Ah but wait!  I forgot about the [GA.EG] Personal Falling Snow. So fun. And the KitCat - Snow-Mallow (Holdable) which has a very nice hold animation that "sticks" (high priority). Woot. 

Pose by: NLA


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