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FINCA  has moved to a sim. Not only is it VERY PRET-TY, it is also designed for ease of shopping.  More on that further in the post but first let's talk about my lead shot.

I grew up in a sewing family. My grandmother was a seamstress, my mother made almost all my clothes until I turned into a "picky teen".  I had my first sewing machine at age 8, a crank model like this one only child sized. It did a chain stitch typical of most of the antique models of the day.  Not long after my great-grandmother bought me a Singer Featherweight that ran on electricity (oh my) and was perhaps a bit dangerous for a ten year old. I did sew through my right pointing finger once -- but only once.   

I still have that machine. These days it is just in the closet but it has had hundreds of hours of use over the years; I even taught sewing classes in college with it (portable was a GOOD thing as I had to lug the machine about half a mile to the classroom). Anyway, many fond memories. 

FINCA - Sewing Machine Black
FINCA - Tapestry hanger Eva
random.Matter. - A Study in Fungi - Sewing
Second Spaces - Autumn Harvest - canning table - black

Recycled Victorian Double high LOD w snow by ChiC buildings


The new region styling is very friendly in an open plan with a country feel.  

The new releases are easy to find with giant signs  not far from the entrance pointing the way.

A new gift room is also to the right  and connected to the entrance lobby. Don't miss more gifts to the right of this display.

While still in progress when I visited on Thanksgiving (yes, well no turkey for me) the store seemed very complete and well thought out.  If you are a fan, be sure and visit!


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