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AI and You

from Ready Player Two

There has been a fair amount of talk about Artificial  Intelligence these last few year. At least one prominent SL event "outlawed" its use. A long time and now lengthy forum thread wants you to show you avatar "enhanced" with AI.  Virtual art galleries feature an abundance of AI "art". 

Bots have taken over many customer service jobs both in SL and The Earl (the RL nickname in the latest book from   Ernest Cline). It is a bit like the era a couple of decades ago when CSRs moved from the US to cheaper places across the globe.  I wasn't happy with that change either.  We have lost the humanity  of human touch. COVID didn't help but we can't blame it all on "the necessity of distance". For the most part we have done it to ourselves.

If you haven't hugged someone lately -- give it  a try.  



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