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TOS Enforcement -- EQUALITY?

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I sometimes wonder why I scan the SL Forums a few times a day. Much of it is so boring --- and then.

I have often said that Linden Lab seldom polices TOS infractions.  I have turned in a few folks over the years and watched that nothing happened -- for SOME creators.  

I am not taking sides on this issue. Their platform - their rules - we agreed to that. 

BUT since this infringement is a WIDELY adopted program with many brands and has been for over a decade -- why now is it being enforced and are other brands also being notified and are just keeping quiet?  Yep, we are back here again.  

Post is here.    It just started so I have no idea where it is going but wanted the OP archived just in case it disappears. 

EDIT: This thread was closed after an hour and a half. You can read the official comment on the last of the thread. Further comments were moved here


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