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21st Birthday Bash and Firestorm Viewer Release

Tis birthday time in our virtual world.  Grab your walking shoes or fly to see all there is to see. There is a hunt and you can find info on that at the Welcome Area.  You can also pick up a visitor pack of mementoes if you are into that sort of thing !

This year there is an ADULT area at the birthday bash (this the "surprise" that was talked about). It connects to the adult area Shop and Hop which I only briefly passed through on my way to today's explorations. 

There are a few caveats this year.  While some places will still look glorious -- like Firestone Keep  (the adult area stage} a good portion of the Mole builds are only in PBR with no secondary textures. So for those of you NOT in a PBR viewer  (see more on FS release below) things may look somewhere between odd and ugly.  

The bridge area regions that host the adult stage however are dazzling!

These photos were taken in the FS non-PBR viewer.  

It is definitely worth a trip over for the music or just  a stroll. 

Hats off to Ancient Mole for such splendid work!

--- And PBR viewer news ---

To go along with the celebration  Firestorm has released its PBR viewer.  Comments abound. You will need to decide for yourself if you want to upgrade now. It is a big change. Probably best to make sure you have the OLD viewer download in case you need to back up.   


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