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PBR Update

Some quandaries came up on the forums and I decided to do a test of the newest Linden release PBR viewer. 

We know that Firestorm will be coming along with its PBR viewer Soon (tm) but I was wondering just how much had changed since my first poston PBR .  Back then FS and the Linden viewer looked almost identical  -- at least in some EEP settings. 

For comparison here is the same shot with the same EEP and setting in Firestorm today (not the PBR beta). 

There HAVE been changes -- well we would hope so after all these months.  From a users point of view I can see that:

the water is still broken in FS  :D 
Colors are both darker and more dense (saturated) with more contrast in PBR now. 
There is a weird "facelight" look along with a bloom on the glasses in the PBR viewer. 
The sky still seems to be consistent. 

Checking my shop under then designated default EEP I set things still look good.   

I don't see myself running to get the FS PBR download when it appears though.  

That's my update. 


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