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It is getting close to SL birthday time when those of us who have been around for a decade or two likely have the inclination to reflect; I know I do. 

Starting a new decade is both exciting and maybe a bit scary. We have come a long way since texture shoes and viewer created hair.  A few days ago I got into an unplanned conversation with a creator that I don't know. They were adamant that 99.9 percent of the citizens LOVED PBR.  Since most haven't seen PBR that seems like an odd statistic to go with but hey AND that if Second Life didn't switch to PBR it was doomed.  

I wasn't there to argue and said so. Everyone has a right to their opinion, their own path and their own client base.  But is that declaration really an actual "truth"?  I am not so sure.

Back in the days of OMG texture shoes (I had some white and yellow tennis shoes from one of the ubiquitous free boxes) it seemed like everyone was on a creative high.  We rezzed a cube, resized it and made it thin, slapped on a free texture (for those that had NO linden dollars to their name) and we had a painting for our wall. We were PROUD of that effort and of that painting.  

Over the years creators have led the way and The Lab followed. Folks invented flexi hair, sculpty shoes with FEET (be still my heart that was a biggie) and mesh bodies (COCO dolls come to mind).  Creators have seemed to always take the tools in hand to create something unexpected.  Modern tech is only as good as the creators that give it form.   

I am not whole-heartedly in the PBR camp but I do expect (eventually) some pretty exciting inventions as we move into a new era. 

timekeeper in the Linden viewer

I do so love serendipity. I had been musing over what was and what is for awhile and getting ready to write as I had one empty slot before Shop and Hop began and lots of things in the queue after that, Then the magical drop box delivered this new release from Dirty Rat.   Definitely an appropriate picture for my prose,  

 I Knew it was coming but I did NOT know it was SO VERY BIG.  I rezzed it on my small work pad and jumped back. Oh my.   

It IS impressive. The lead photo was taken in the sky above one of the first sandboxes and the one I still use. The close up was taken there also but being a good little blogger I logged into the Linden viewer to see it in PBR.  I can say that this DOES look nicer (to me) with the PBR viewer. It is still very lovely  in legacy mode.   It weighs in at 65 land impact.  The Dirty Rat - Heloise's Timekeeper  will be available at Shop and Hop starting tomorrow.   Head on over to FROSTED and enjoy looking through the items on sale. 


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