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For me, Second Life has always been about creativity. I worked my way through prim building, texture clothing, jewelry making -- and the list goes on.  For many of us new skills come somewhat painfully. We know we want them, we work at them and sometimes give up and take a break coming back  to try again. 

I have a fair amount of creators that I admire but I have known Chandra the longest. I was there when she made her first mesh wearable -- a corset that gave you an unbelievable tiny waist And I remember the day when she was trying to figure out how to weight the "tail" of an asymmetrical vintage dress.  And then there was the time when she made an outfit for the long ago first 52 weeks of color - patriarch!

The new !dM deviousMind "Chloris" is simply outstanding.  Fitted for LaraX with an impressively skin tight squaures low back bodice it is packed full of painted detailing.  I am wearing the ONYX version which consists of six pieces . There are plenty of additional accessories to ad for those of you that REALLY like to dress to the max.  It looks great sleeveless too!

  Find it at the  NEXT UP event. 

In the background is the beautifully crafted Dirty Rat - Stone of Mysteries.  n0th1ng Ackland's work is a fairly recent addition to this blog, He isn't NEW however -- matching Chandra's 17 years.  I am an eclectic builder often making items for myself or just to see if I can. My eclecticism pales next to n0thin1ng's :D.    His work is sometimes a little macabre but always pushing foundries with amazing details and unbelievable land impacts.    I am so pleased that we found each other. 

My hair is a current group gift -- Stealthic - Fortune (Full Pack) with free group. And if you visit this blog often you know that this is currently my goto favorite hair brand .

  Poses by: SE Motion and Di's Opera


laChandra said…
Chic this is the sweetest post you made me blush :O thank you so much, i truely might have quit 10 times over if it weren't for friends like you who always gave so much positive feedback <3 THANK YOU from all my heart

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