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Are you a mainland fan?  Is there a "but" in there somewhere?

I have lived all over our virtual world and in just about all the manners available. Many times this was on mainland and even if I could terraform there were often issues. 

There ARE the old color sims where you can terraform in abandon but most mainland in SL has limited to no terraforming options -- and if you are renting sometimes it is an "as is" landscape.

Enter the Barnesworth Anubis  [ba] ponderosa cabin -  this model in steel color but other hues are available.

While it can be used on flat ground it is best (always a questionable term as what is best by my point of view may not be by yours) on lovely rolling hills.  A stilt porch offers both realism and style. No more giant cubes textured in grass so that you can put your house at ground level.  Insert a sigh here. 

Interior perks include a fireplace and bookcase room divider and a bathroom area amidst an open plan design with high ceilings. 

Find it at   COLLABOR88 land impact with optional snow pack available. 

Plants by Fundati. 


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