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Under The Sea Hunting

I finished the Under the Sea Hunt this morning. See the previous post for what you are looking for and more information.  This is a great hunt, not too hard and fun locations. There are some stellar prizes too. You can pick up a red version of my wetsuit (no tanks) at NDiver, a blue orca pet at Cetological Museum and the swimming kitty from KittyCats -- all shown in yesterday's post. Two other prizes of note -- for me anyway -- is this cute top and skirt set from :{MV}: and this lovely seahorse fountain from Cerridwen's Cauldron.

Quick notes: You MUST do the hunt in order to obtain the prizes as you go along. Click on the HUNT poster on any of the teleport boards to get started.  You CAN return to the hunt after a period of time and continue (I was a little worried about this when I quit last night). All the hunt pearls are out and working as I type this. Only a few are hard to find.

My new hair releases SATURDAY, from EMO-tions, "Dream".

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for your post Chic! I absolutely loved this fountain too!! Such a great prize!

<3 Cortez

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