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It is definitely exotic over at Cosmopolitan this round. Not EVERYTHING of course, but my features of the eve.

From LAGOM the BeVamped [Skybox] RARE on a gacha. This 92ish land impact wonder is quite magical and definitely mysterious.  I really love it.

I have a couple of caveats. This appears to be a no mod item (at least mine is :D) so no resizing or messing around. It comes inside a separate box (as in skybox) piece covered with very large advertising. Personally?  So not my thing. The good news is that the exterior piece is separate so that you can put your own box around the outside or just leave it off and let the natural sun shine through.   There are three rooms (one with the clock) as well as a resting alcove.

Go forth and gamble if this is your style and best of luck to you!

The exotic furniture (notice how I reflected the shape of the clock in the shape of the Spiral Shelf?   So clever am I ) is only part of a set of Shen Living Room Decor from Newchurch, also at Cosmopolitan.   The set also comes in Rosewood.

There are a lot of skimpy clothes this round at the big C (that's Cosmopolitan if you haven't been reading carefully) and this body suit from Asteria is pretty spectacular.  "Diana" comes in several color and boast a filler neck area with color with texture changing capacity via hud. Belleza and Maitreya fits.

I opted for an invisible chest cover so that I could show off ---

The delicate collars from Amacci. The Yara set includes single and double collar, bracelets and anklets. Various color huds let you choose parts of the color for perfect coordination. This is a great find for those of you that might not have perfectly matching head and mesh body parts (oh the pain).  Also at Cosmopolitan.


Poses by: Eternal Dream


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