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Two Houses

Trompe Loeil - Camden Cove

Barnesworth Anubis - Hayden House

Two homes, shingles and asphalt, gable roofs; they could easily sit down the street from one another. Both boast large multi-paned windows for expansive views. But just as we are each individuals with our own tastes and needs, these houses have their own characteristic feel.

Camden Cove features a completely open plan, perfect for parties and hanging out with friends. It is designed for the beach and there is even a surfboard as part of the release, but this 58 land impact abode is equally at home in grassy lands or suburban streets.

In contrast the Haden House is a family home, with dedicated dining kitchen and bath and plenty of bedrooms for kids, office or craft rooms.  It is a large building not quite fitting on a 1024 lot. Since it weighs in at an impressively low for its size and details 118,  there will be plenty of "prims" to spare,

You can visit both these houses at COLLABOR88.

You can find the Little Branch RiverBeech {Seasons} tree as well as the Snakeweed {4Seasons} at Cosmopolitan.


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