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52 Colors - Week 13 Sienna

It ook me a few tries; I apparently have some "lucky numbers" in my head that I didn't know about and kept coming up with colors we had already tackled. But eventually I got a new one ---- sienna.   

Now Luna's outfit for sienna is a very very dark brown although her background is not.  Ah the mystery.  Pantone is pretty clear this time on sienna (plenty of times there are all sorts of differences coming up under a color name -- not so much this time).   Sienna is not the same as burnt sienna (one of my favorite crayon colors) which is a very dark brown.  Sienna is actually a dark peachy color.  I learned something there. 

It is indeed not that far from mahogany which we did a bit ago, but more of a Springtime color than a wintry one.    

This looks like a toughy, but I might be surprised at what I find in my closet.  Let's go digging!


Amazingly this was my easiest color so far.  I decided that "to me" sienna was actually "coral" so I typed that into my inventory and came up with this fun fringed bikini. It is pretty ancient, from the days when mesh was very new.  I remembered that I had beachy jewelry of the same hue and found that quickly.  

Wondering where to take my photo I knew I was looking for surfboards to go with the surfer girl hairstyle. Low and behold, typing in surfboard found this perfect backdrop!  I was definitely on a roll.  

I hope your adventures are as fun and easy. 


Baiastice_Fringe Micro Bikini-UPPER and LOWER-Coral
Eclectica 'Enchantment' Neckpiece and earrings -river pebbles

Opale . Elly Hair

Astralia - Surf Beach shower (pg) wo/sand FLF

This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: Di's Opera


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