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Free Styling Your BOM Second Life Avatar on the Marketplace

January 28, 2021 --

I started this post as a 100 percent free BOM avatar for new folks -- the EASIEST way in my estimation to journey into the world of mesh avatars. But, alas it turned out the body I was using was group only and group isn't currently free. So rather than waste all that research, let's see what we can do to spiffy up the newish BOM avatar from altamura.  Meanwhile for new folks with 150 lindens to spend, this will work for you. 

If you need a BOM avatar:

Teleport to the altamura store. Even though the landmark is directly to the free body, you will end up at the front of the store. Walk through the entrance and turn right (FOLLOWING THE RED ARROW - see this screenshot) and head towards the "fashion arts boutique" section of the store. Walk through the wide hall with the GIFTS - OUTLET sign  heading toward the back and bypassing outlet sales bodies. Then turn right.
Keep watching that arrow (it's a little tricky) and find the poster that looks like this:

Touch the poster and you will see a blue box with choices. Click on DELIVER and a box with the avatar will appear in your inventory.  Whew.  If you are not a member of the altamura group you will get an error message and no delivery. You will need to join the pay group. 

This is what Aba looks like in default mode with the included skin and a shape that I made.  

The body comes with a simple hud that let's you change feet heights (3 types) and turn on and off fingernails and nipples.  Nails come as white. 

You can find the beautifully made lingerie (four colors) on the Marketplace here. It is the only completely free lingerie that I could find and it is a keeper for sure.  

Now I spent the whole (the WHOLE) day searching for suitable BOM free items.   It was an adventure.  In general there isn't all that much. In fact I found no suitable (read that as they would have been great eight years ago) hair for free. Things have changed on the Marketplace since I visited last, so I learned something :D.   But perseverance and a little luck came into play and here is my finished picks list with links. Some items can of course be used with non BOM avatars. 

The cons:  I should mention that this free (or very inexpensive) avatar has a LOT of eyelashes -- one reason I opted for glasses and that the inner eye area is a little wonkey.   It does come with a simple mouth and eye animation hud.  You will either need to live with white nails, make some appliers (there may be a free applier kit in the altamura store if you are interested) or go with add on mesh nails after you have taken off the default nails. 

This isn't a body for the folks that already have their favorite does-everything body and head, but certainly a good starter body.  Maitreya clothes generally fit -- at least they did on my tests, but you will need some alpha layers (as in pre-alpha cut avatars). for some garments. There are free packs of clothing alphas on the Marketplace. 

Find some foot alphas on the altamura group gift desk. 


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