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Winners and Losers - FLF

This beautifully made grunge bus stop is out for Fifty Linden Friday.  If you have a city build, you most likely want this! Find it at NOMAD

Not only is it impressive, it is also WELL MADE.   So yes, a "lecture" is coming your way. 

Here's the thing. This full scene is 7,473 triangles.  You can find the triangle count by right clicking on the object and selecting Object > Inspect.  

And then there is the other side of the triangle count -- the major reason it is getting so difficult for many people to move and stay in world:

This is a very small FLF object that is over TWENTY TIMES the triangles of the bus stop.  It also has 23 textures on it.  So PLEASE when you go out and shop, pay attention to what you are buying.  Unless you are living alone on your own region with no visitors (LOL -- like we are doing in RL) or only taking a photo, this  heavy mesh is disastrous to the well-being of the platform. 

There IS a middle ground.   This is the raclette set from ChiMia, also out for FLF. 
I think it was around 23,000 triangles; not great but certainly not in the computer crashing category.

Happy weekend shopping!  Stay smart. 


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