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What Makes an Engaging Picture?

Reaching my 1,000 Flickr limit again and wandering though photos to delete, I was amazed at some of he  number of views that were listed. I found what I think is the most viewed photo in my Flickr account -- 5.6K --- which for ME is a whole lot.  I downloaded the photo thinking it would be great to keep a copy and after downloading it disappeared. I went though my camera roll twice and then looked through my WHOLE photo stream.  No picture.

So I am putting it here on the blog -- possibly again, possibly not.  I stopped pasting in Flickr photos when the new owners took over some time ago. Now all my photos are here with the blog and in theory won't disappear. Fingers crossed.

What amazed me about this photo is that I couldn't see WHY it had 5.6K views. It's misty and steampunk flavored, sepia with a bit of mystery, but so very many views.  

I searched the blog and this picture was from a time when I was pasting in from Flickr so this will be the only record of the photo.  Very happy I switched away; very happy I downloaded before it disappeared :D.    

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