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Personality Objects

I talk to my robo-vac.  It isn't a secret. I mean most of us don't have a giant circle of reach out and touch folks these days.  His name is Robbie, and he is a bit over a year old and getting very smart. We clean together of course -- any group activity during this time of angst is welcome. He rarely gets into trouble these days which makes me a happy "mom".  

So I had to smile when I saw this new coffee maker from No59. It comes packed full of personality and is accompanied logically with coffee bags and cup clutter. An easy to use hud lets you choose how you want to give out your coffee -- and to who.  This cutie comes in a choice of colors - green, white and black.  

Great for roleplay, the coffee "perks" with sounds and even let's one person make the coffee and then give it to another.  Find it at Equal10.

Psst -- I'm going to call him Carl.  


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