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Weekend Sales 2-27-21

Home and Garden was at the top of the list this week with many great items to buy. I found the wearables mostly in the ho-hum area, but that's just ME and you may have found great things just your style.  Meanwhile this was my favorite of eight sales events,  the zOOm - Nova Cargo Pants and Tshirt with texture change hud choices.   A pair or sneakers is included in the pack.  

My backdrop is on sale this weekend, the Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Hotel Balcony.

The big star -- in my mind anyway -- of the weekend is Your Dreams with two huge sets of "game asset" (that means low lag folks) furniture at 60 lindens per set. 

There is also a big set of living room furniture with bed and pool and plants (oh my) out for the same sale. Just do a pivot to see the other items available.  These are well-made, high LOD low triangle goods -- at least all that I checked so you be good shoppers and check your favorite pieces.     

The bed for example is 10 li at default size and 8 li at a more realistic size :D.  The land impact is due to the good lods so most folks should be able to see this easily and from a distance. There is a texture change hud for the prints as well as for the other furniture in this outdoor living set.  

Also out for the weekend is this nicely made BALACLAVA!! Art Storage Shelves

And my last purchase was this creative leaf lamp from .: RatzCatz  , the :. Modern Leaves Lamps Pack. There are two lamps in the pack but the floor lamp is just the table lamp resized so think "one" :D


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