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Missing Friends

One of the hardest things about this last year  -- and most likely many months in the future is not seeing friends. One gal I have played computer games with for over 25 years. Well we lunch and chat and she plays on my big screen and I watch. We USED to share "driving time" but it is just easier if I watch now :D.  Lots of history.  

Others I only see a few times a year for "girl time" and tea and sometimes oh too sweet cookies -- and sometimes I make healthy soup which gets devoured quickly.  But we have missed at least three get togethers now.   These too are friends through decades. 

Another is an artist - garden gal who lives about an hour away (45 minutes the way she drives) and we can talk for hours about art and plants --- and we used to on Hair Day. Yep, she has been driving up to her hairdresser for cuts and streaks for a very long time. I am the beneficiary of her already being in the neighborhood. We are hoping for conversation on the deck in the Spring. Fingers crossed. 

We do what we need to do and hopefully reap some benefits from the exercise. I, for sure, appreciate my friendships more these days. 

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