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Vikings Hunt

The theme for this session of  Enchantment is Vikings.  Now I had no plans for any role play gear I might collect, but I was certainly up for some adventure. Hence an early morning hunting expedition.  So here I am to show off some of the bounty that you can find on the hunt portion of the event.    The list of store locations and hints is HERE


~fugue~ VALDIS Valkyrie Outfit - Skirt (full) - Maitreya (comes white I tinted brown)
LuluB! - Viking Tales - Demon - Black. (tattoo)
Simply Shelby Viking Drinking Horn Set 1024

Seat of Power- Jarls Throne by NG Designs

Top is not from the hunt: Meva Banshee Top with Straps Female Maitreya

There are plenty of home and garden type gifts including shelves and tables and shields.  This lovely set is 3rd Eye's  The Vikings Grave and LOVE
s - RUNE STONE SCATTER - FATE.  The Rune set also includes a path and a set of very large runes.  

Pose by: Helamiyo and the drinking horn


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