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Nostalgia - 100 avatars

I am burying the lead here. Or AM I?   An unexpected adventure came my way this afternoon when I went over to look at a newly opened shopping area. And the question "can we still have 100 avatars in a sim" is answered.  Here's the story.

 Using a landmark from a friend I teleported to the new mini-mall area. Serendipity was on my side with teleportation happening on the first try. There weren't that many people around but still I immediately derendered them all and began exploring and taking photos.

The new shopping area is very upscale with a bit of art and all modern lines. It fits in perfectly between a huge art gallery and museum and the Fancy Decor furniture store.  The framerate was in the single digits while things loaded, but eventually got up beyond 15 fps which will likely always be my "tis OK" benchmark -- leftover from making machinima.   

Very much an upscale area, the new build holds a wide variety of retail brands.  There seemed to be a lot of traffic. And, when I checked the map there were 92 people in the Fancy Decor sim. Well that was impressive!  

While finishing my picture taking  a fellow visitor IMed  asking if I knew which way to go. By then I had guessed an opening party or sale was underway and asked what was going on.  "A $500 gift card" was the answer.   Now I seldom actually use the gift cards that I pick up and my tastes don't follow that "fancy" adjective,  but adventures are good and this seems like a nostalgic moment.  

Flying is always easier than walking in busy regions, and the search lights came into view quickly. The poster for the gift card is large and by itself and easy to spot.  You need to join the group ($250) if you are not already a member to gain that 500 credit. 

I can't remember the last time I saw 100 avatars in a sim; good to know it can still happen.  My fps were still in the teens and flying produced no rubber-banding.  


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