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52 Colors - Week 15 Ecru

We've been pretty colorful lately but it's time to move back into neutrals territory. This week's styling features that not quite white -- ECRU.  Now for those of you that care and want to save outfits for later creative works, ecru is not cream or white or silver (all still in the list) so some decrement may be called for in picking out your outfits. It was for me anyway.  

Tiny bit of color theory here for the non-painters. If you are mixing a color for a painting -- or for a refurbishing of an apartment wall -- white would be the base color right out of the can.  Silver would be that same white with a tiny bit of black (just a drop or three) and cream would be the white with just a bit of yellow. Ecru is that same white with tiny bits of BOTH black and yellow.  We know by now that there are at least twenty notable "tones of ecru" if you ask Google so how dark YOUR ecru might be is up to you.  Here is what Pantone favors.

My choice was a dress I came upon early in my search.  I tried "ecru" of course but didn't expect to find anything and the one item marked ecru was way to dark and "tan" for my tastes. So then I typed in "beige" and got many more results.   This is a cute little number from MEVA a couple of years back. It is feminine and fun without being terribly young and girlie.  So it was the winner for me.  I added a necklace and some shoes and I was set. Woops! And don't forget your undies. 


Meva Lily Dress Beige
.PrettyDeceased. Scarlett Thong 
Baiastice_Plexy Platform Sandals
KUNGLERS - Jonelle necklace


This is the official path to the challenge.

Pose by: Behavior Body


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