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The Far Away - SL History

Not everyone was here in the years of Second Life's infancy. Before sculpts, before mesh, before Windlight. In many ways -- for those of us that were here -- it was the best of times.  Yes, we frequently ended up with shoes and hair in our crotches when teleporting and yes the grid did shut down purposefully for updates each week, but it was arguably the most creative times in SL history. 

Everyone was on an even ground. We worked with prims and only prims -- making shoes, intricate jewelry, sculptures and installations.  The Far Away is certainly one of the most well-known places of that era. I can't remember a time that I visited when I was alone.  

AM Radio was famous for his work -- The Far Away being only one of his quietly mystical created environments. It is difficult to believe it was created almost fourteen years ago.  

If you never had a chance to visit The Far Away, you can now -- here.  And if you have memories of those times and would like to read the story behind the story, learn all about AM Radio (Jeff Berg( in this detailed article


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