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The Absence of Color

I am much more of a "Make Love, Not War" kinda gal. Still I appreciate a gorgeous build and I support folks exploring their personal versions of Second Life. So when a gray camo pack from BOTHER came my way, I knew just where to head, Wolfenstein Antractic Stronghold. This post mainly features Chav, but the helmet definitely looked better on me *wink*.

If you love camo, then checking out the store's offerings will be a pleasure.

Not everything is military of course, but there is plenty in that vein. Shown here are both vest and rucksack as well as some well worn jeans.

The backpack is particularly nice with a netting layer over the camouflage cloth.

All prim items are manual mod. The backpack is sized for guys, so tiny ladies will need to do a bit of prim manipulation for fine fitting.

This was the first sim I had visited who had set their windlight and asked if you would change to it. I did. With misty lighting and snow abounding, it was an interesting shoot.

Some friendly folks tried to chat me up. I of course was deep into photography mode and didn't notice their IM until I was done shooting :D.

While this sim is action packed with shooting and such, it doesn't seem to be a role play sim. I wore my visitor tag anyway, hopefully letting them know I wasn't their for the melee.

Style Notes: 

Style notes will be simple for this. All clothing and accessories are from BOTHER except for the tee which comes from funkstar. Chav's military boots are from the Mootool Hunt of last month courtesy of Aliza Karu.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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