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With A Twist Please

There is so much newness over at DCNY!  Mix and match pieces in sherbet-like colors great for summer sun. This top is one of my favorite styles. I picked a color called "Twist" which I am guessing has something to do with bar drinks *wink*. Hence the title of this post.

Along with the fun crocheted top and some nicely tailored shorts, I am wearing even more new releases. My hair is one of my favorite freebies from the soon to open HAIR FAIR. There is a cute little messy bun in the back. Playful yet sophisticated. Find this generous gift at Raspberry Aristocrat. 

Just out glasses from ROLE OPTIC come with a seemingly endless choice of options including amount of shine and changing individual parts colors. I especially like the super tiny company name on the lens. It adds a special touch of realism. You need to be really close to see it, but trust me -- it's there *wink*.

And happily this new release necklace from .( bewildebeest ). comes in a rainbow of colors including a quiet green; perfect!

Put them all together and you have a classy and casual outfit perfect for a sea cruise.

Style Notes: 

Hair: [RA] Jess Hair - Brown Bittersweet
Clothing: DCNY Twist Crochet Top; DCNY_Cuffed Shorts_Twist

Accessories: ROLE OPTIC GLASSES SG 81 - Advantage I

Poses by: (sorry, crashed while finishing)


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