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Golden Girls

Xia and I stayed up way too late last eve playing with poseball sets. We each had new swim togs in the vintage style and I had finally finished some new backdrops for my photo studio. Put the two together and time got away from us.  Xia's new one piece and hat with hair are the latest group gift from Baistice. Still in the archives, you can send a notecard to Sissy Pessoa asking for a group invite.

My very South Pacific - Betty Grable wrapped two piece is part of the new Aloha release from deviousMind. Along with the vintage suit I am wearing there are grass and straw skirts, a lei, various makeup and tattoo mixes (I chose the simplest one) and a teeny tiny bikini that just barely qualifies as cloth. Blue, red and brown print choices are available.

It was fun to venture into unchartered photoshoot territory. I hardly ever use pose balls because of the set up time. Still, they ARE a lot of fun. I have to admit that the poses shown here were better as designed. With Xia's hat and my big hair, I had to move us further apart than the original intent. Still, it worked.

I journeyed back to the beach this morning to the spot where took the backdrop photos. A 1940s calendar shot was in order -- well of COURSE it was. For any of you reading this post that asked for more photos for the studio, you can find them here. I also packed them in a one prim touch to change simple backdrop for those that don't have the studio. Four themes with two photos of each locale are included in the pack.

Style Notes: 

Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Arianna(Auburn)
Clothing: !dM Aloha - bikiniWrap **CANARY**
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge - White
Accessories: Dark Mouse Group gift bag

Poses by: Niqotine, LAP and Hannah H all old and no longer available sorry.


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