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Willing Wench Wanted

This is one of those mark it on your calendars days for me. I got fired this morning. No, not a real world thing, but virtual. It was, however, the very first time I have lost any job. An exemplary service record of a few decades is now marred.  Yes, that is me smiling as I type. We learn strange lessons in our virtual world, and in part I expect that is why many of us are here.

There is a story of course, but the details don't really matter. We learn; we grow; we move on. The events of my morn seasoned my choices for this post, but I was stylishly dressed as the sun rose. Newness and freeness mixes in the desert sunset. Here's the scoop.

My outfit is another made from the the mix and match pieces in July's DCNY collection. My top is actually a dress that I tucked in under some cuffed capris. A very pretty pale gold, the color is called "slice".

Long tresses hale from the Hair Fair, now open and are free in a pack of great ones from Calico Ingmann Creations.  This is so funny. When I featured some hair from CiC yesterday, I thought this was a new store. Well honestly I was zipping around to 100 shops at the fair and it was a busy morning. I didn't put it together until now. I had planned on venturing over to the "new shop I found and loved" today, but no need. I have been there often and some of my favorite hairs are from "CiC". So now, I have more. More is even better!

Last up are these very pretty and detailed ethnic earrings from .( bewildebeest ).. Oh so pretty and big enough to make a statement even with long hair, these Kush Earrings can move smoothly between role play, boho or more modern styles.

Since some really great photos (IMHO of course) won't be seeing the light of day in prime time, I am thinking I will start doing a bit more Flickr with some shots that don't fit into The Blog.

That will be fun for me and who knows where it might lead. Just yesterday someone contacted me about being in a machinima film. If that comes together it will be fun, finishing a loop that began when I started teaching again in Second Life.

It is all endless circles.

And that brings me to the photo for the title of this post. I thought it might be fun to do a picture at an employment office -- considering how my day had started, but while perusing the classifieds I spied a job opportunity (better put that in quotes in your mind) entitled  Willing Wench Wanted.

I couldn't resist checking it out. It isn't a fashion shot, but it was fun and so I am adding it at the end of my new experience day post. 

Style Notes: 

Hair: !!CiC Angel - Chestnut (free - Hair Fair)
Clothing: DCNY_Stretch Crochet Dress_Slice; DCNY_Wide Cuff Legging P_Slice/Crush
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge [B] - LF - Khaki
Accessories: MALT  Jeans Scarf; .( bewildebeest ). Kush Earring

Poses by: Amacci


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