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Weekend Wanderings

To say that this weekend is better than last gives a new meaning to the word "understatement". This is good!
Lots of newness including a place to explore has me enthusiastically engaged in the moment. First up in my Look What I Got report is my hairdo. Now you know I don't shop a lot; too many wonderful things already in my closet. But a gal does need a new "do" now and then and so I decided I could have ONE new style from the Hair Fair without ladening down my inventory too much.

I chose this very impressive and immensely versatile hairfrom Magika. It consists of two attachments with the longer parts of the hair attaching to spine. I chose the Roots version which includes a color change hud that give you a large assortment of colors including three blonds, two browns and three reds. Hairband colors can be changed with the hud also. A mirrored version is included. This is a lot of options all wrapped up in a small folder. You could of course wear the hair sans "extensions" too.

Somewhere between Steampunk and urban street gal lies one of the new releases from Yasum Designs. Hippi Tramp Cutie is chocked full of details. A blindfold with a moving compass to help you find your way, a super cute arm scarf and some intricately detailed prim parts on the front and back of the pants are simply amazing. It is really a beautiful outfit! The complete set includes the shaggy boots. This release is in the same style family as one I showed you in this post. Mix and match a bit to get your own unique look.

EDIT:  I wanted to add another plug for the Yasum Designs group. If you read this blog faithfully -- and I know many of you do -- then it would be difficult to miss all the wonderful gifts given out. Today the fantasy skin came (or is coming) down and I just received a group notice that there is a party with live music and another (short duration this time) gift. I have no idea what it might be, but I am certainly going to try and get in to find out *wink*. Honestly this is one of the very best designer groups I have been in -- ever! 

I added a full body stamp tattoo from CINQ ONZE. Join the group; watch the board; get the prize!

Photos taken at Liberty Cove.  Thanks to for posting about it.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna
Skin: Stamp Tattoo 2; Ramya*DOLL* DARK TAN /SMOKED
Clothing: Yasum*Hippi Tramp Cutie*
Shoes: Yasum*Rocking Stumps*
Accessories: < Yabusaka > Alphabet Belt Choker

Poses by: Diesel Works; aDORKable


Anonymous said…
I just wanted to thank you for the great photos. No mood lighting that obscures the details I'm trying to see, no shadows, no fog, just a good look at the clothes and hair you're wearing.

Dojiba Sabra

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