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Night Clarity

I hadn't plan to post today, but as sometimes happens in life -- and definitely in SL -- one thing led to another and a journey was underway. The details aren't important. The end result is that I found myself at BSG EXODUS II, a role play sim.

I donned my visitors tag and went out for a brief tour. And you know -- of course you do -- that I had to take some photos along the way. As I was shooting I noticed that my eyes had a very glazed look to them. (Toooo much wine last night? Perhaps.) And then I remembered that BOTHER had just released some night goggles. Now that was perfect timing. So here I am stylishly attired in an alternative world.

The worlds might have been destroyed. Metal mistakes of our past pursue. Characters facing their greatest challenges despite being fallible. Everyone gets to be a hero when you can never go home again.  RDM Battlestar Galactica inspired role play sim.

Click the goggles to move them when not in use. While I consider these more of a photography prop *wink*, here is the info about the HUD and usage:

Also included with the goggles is the nightvision HUD. Go into mouselook to activate the nightvision, the HUD also has a built in radar and avatar targeting system. While in mouselook aim the crosshairs at the avatar you wish to target and type /100get. When the avatar has been successfully targetted the avatars profile picture and avatar name will be displayed at the right.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna
Clothing: PEKAS shadow warrior

Accessories: BOTHER.Night vision goggles (new)

Poses by: Amacci


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