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And The Winner Is - ME

Yes, you have seen this photo before; you are not having a drug flashback or a gray haired moment. But since I wanted to do a little shouting from the rooftops, it seemed appropriate to post what I was shouting about.

I won the second Hair Fair contest!

In the aftermath of some very derogatory remarks about my ability to take a good photo *smile*, it is especially rewarding to BE rewarded for doing so. Chandra (maker of this outfit) will be thrilled that I am now a pro Flickr member -- meaning that I better get my posterior in gear and do something with all that space. I am thinking machinima maybe. We'll see.

Thanks to everyone at the Hair Fair. I really do think it was the best to date. And I still really LOVE this hair.

See the official post here.


Nissa Nightfire said…
yyyyyaaaaayyyyy! Oh gosh -- so exciting! And this truly was a terrific picture! It has been so fun to watch your photography develop. Congratulations, sweetie!!
Unknown said…
Great! You're my favorite blogger! Well deserved recognition.

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