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Watch Me Breathe

I splurged today and purchased a new AO from Vista Animations. The  MOST WANTED AO V1.2 EX comes packed with so many options it takes a large expandable HUD to house the buttons. Luckily it collapses down to a minimal size.  Since I needed to practice my filming skills and adding music (TURN UP THE VOLUME), I took the opportunity to make a quick video.

My purchase -- a rare occasion -- goes to show that sometimes those hunts really do bring in customers. I had some extremely nice (off the floor) prizes from Vista in the MOOLTO hunt not long ago. This lead me back to look for dances for my filming escapade. And that lead me to perusing the AOs. While not inexpensive, this is a terrific bargain for all you get. Honestly there must be fifty or so options in the hud -- maybe more. I am still playing and have just begun to discover all the things it can do.

Wednesday Edit: This Flickr issue has apparently been fixed and anyone should be able to see the video.

If you have a Flickr account you can view the video here. Currently I have an odd message that this hasn't been flagged as safe so I cannot "share" it here. Any of you smart Flickr guys know what that is about, please let me know. Meanwhile I will do research and hopefully put this up on You Tube tomorrow and add a link.

Edit: So here's the thing  -- apparently I am now a MODERATE Flickr user. Whether that has anything to do with my movie making, I know not. I was NOT moderate until this morning after uploading a completely tame movie intro with nothing more than a  fully clothed girl sitting on a bed and being wistful.  The Flickr info page suggests that this new rating happens when someone writes to the staff complaining about inappropriate content (sigh).  Perhaps someone is simply unhappy with me. I am not competing with anyone, but maybe they don't know that :D.

OK, here is the You Tube link. Clearer on Flickr, but at least everyone can get to this :D.

Style Notes: 

Hair: *Dura* MHOH limited hair
Clothing: Yasum*Summer Hippi

Poses by: Vista Animations


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