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Where's My Canary?

Can you guess the color? Yep, canary yellow. And you can't get more canary -- than with a CANARY!  Rescued from deep in my inventory,  you can get your very own in the newly packed for summer  (*chanimations  lucky  "chairs".

Note: on reviewing the ACTUAL color I find it is lemon and not canary. Not sure why I had canary in my mind, but honestly yellow is yellow is yellow. So hey. Wrong again. Still a pretty picture *wink*.

Later: From the comments -- we have not had canary as a color. We have had "goldenrod", "yellow" and "banana mania" and now "lemon".  I somehow got one of the greens mixed up too. I guess it is a perception thing *wink*.

My saucy little summer dress hales from  Leri Miles Designs. Available in several cheerful colors, I chose "lemonade" which looks very much like canary to me. Oversized earrings from *ByKay* come in both gold and silver metals. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and rings with nails are all available. Low on rendering costs, they are perfect for busy locations when you still want to wear accessories.

One caveat, both jewelry and the Amy dress skirt show up very bright in a nightime setting -- at least with my machine. Both skirt and jewelry are no mod (resizers are included).

As an aside, I am loving the new FIRESTORM beta. It has most everything I use every day, some very nice refinements and only a few things I miss (inventory sort and sharable Windlight, reportedly coming soon). The speed and framerate are much better for me -- always a happy bonus.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Mimi - Chestnut (free Hair Fair)
Clothing: LMD Amy - Lemonade

Accessories: *ByKay* ~ Cleo ~ Earrings ~ *Gold*; (*chanimations cagedCanary

Poses by: (*chanimations; Diesel Works


Beautiful pix! I love the background to..very pretty. Canary was familiar to me to, maybe it was one of the earlier colors we did?
Eliza said…
I agree, still a GORGEOUS photo! And I love your canary!
Unknown said…
You look fantastic, I love these shots and I agree, yellow is yellow and you wear it well.
Aw LOL I seem to remember something about Canary too.. mighta dreamed it tho!
Very cute post and cool pics :)
Leri Miles said…
I could change the name to canary! LOL I love the pic, incredible as always. :)
Anonymous said…
It's still yellow and the photos are great!

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