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A Mad Mad World

The world has gone mad and me along with it. Drama continues when I thought I had left it behind and some time off for reflection is in order. But as with many turns in the road, a blog post emerged with fashion and newness and fantasy.

Can you quit your job without knowing it? Apparently. That is the point of view of my former -- however they became that way -- bosses. It is important to have a personal perspective and so I have no problem with theirs.  Well, there is that thing about feeling a bit INSANE for not knowing I had ended the story myself. But that's OK as I had two great new items that may have never appeared on this blog without the impetus of a plot line *wink*.

This very cute and definitely fantasy hat is a gift from the Hair Fair. Find it at Curious Kitties booth.

My necklace is actually a teapot. Now who knew (WHO KNEW) that I would actually have a need for something so quirky!  Not I. The day is indeed full of surprises. Find it at in a variety of gemstones and with matching earrings at bewildebeest.

It would have been better had I believed I had quit--fewer harsh words, less admonitions. But sometimes we need lessons to move on and grow. So I will be working on another project for a bit. Don't worry, if you've been following this blog, you know I process quickly.

Take care of yourselves while I am on brief hiatus. Hopefully I will return with renewed vigor. Right now, though it isn't so much fun.

See you soon.
Style Notes: 

Hair: Nyanotech Hair - Mhatter [Type A] V3
Clothing: :. WoE .: Corset (Black)

Accessories: .( bewildebeest ) Short and Stout Necklace - Black Pearl

Poses by:Helomiyo, LAP


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