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Of Ravens And Boas

Most of us like playing dress up. The new LaMadame sets from !dM deviousMind definitely entice us to explore and imagine.  While the boas and corsets are the stars -- in my score card anyway -- the sets offer many options including a long skirt and a choice of pant colors.

 Two boa styles are included; long and asymmetrical -- drama abounds.

Both corset and demi bra come with strategically placed tattoos. Mixing and matching possibilities are abundant.

The sets come in black, pearl, blue, gold, pink, purple and red.

This pearl necklace from MB Style no longer qualifies as a new release *smile*. It has been sitting in my newness folder languishing away the days waiting for a perfect match. The Jacqueline beads have finally found a partner. Tis a happy day. 

It took a little sleuthing,  but you can find the beads here!
Style Notes: 

Hair: [RA] Jess Hair - Brown Bittersweet
Clothing: !dM deviousMind: "LaMadame" **PEARL**

Accessories: MB Style - Beads Jacqueline; cigarette holder NLA

Poses by: Diesel Works, Juxtapose


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