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One of my favorite things about Phil's Place (SL for those of you who are younger) is that I never know where the day will take me.

This afternoon started off simply enough. I was unpacking new goodies and putting together a look of some kind. No plans for the look or the day. KOSH had lots of new items to peruse including two very cute bracelets -- one marked as a dollarbie at Everwilde. I loved both bracelets but some homework was in order if I was going to tell you where to pick up the dollarbie *wink*. Happily search didn't fail me this time and in a couple of clicks I was at -- EVERWILDE!

My outfit became a mix of styles -- grunge from Acid & Mala's new Double Layer Top from the Grunge Soul Project II, some disturbingly sexy (can that be a bad thing?) geek glasses from  Adjunct Eyewear, and my two bracelets. I took off my hair extensions for a slightly different look; still loving this hair. A very eclectic outfit for a very eclectic place :D.

There are other opening gifts and specials in the sim, so take a look and explore. I should mention in passing that the Double Layer Top does indeed have optional under or over striped tanks. Being a plain sort of gal one layer worked better for me. The top also has some very cute BOTTOM cuff prims which I  fitted and then forgot the "add" part of the multiple attachment equation. So just know that for many folks, both bracelets and sculpty cuffs can be had. And if not? The top obviously works fine without them. This undershirt comes in sheer, semi-sheer and regular fabrics with all layers covered including tattoo.

I decided both bracelets and cuffs deserved a showing, so here they are up close. I modified the dollarbie stacked bracelet to fit on the right forearm so that I could wear them both together. If you have a few building skills this is an easy option.

You can learn more about Everwilde here.  There are games galore and plenty of photo op spots, some come for a visit and enjoy the quirky ambiance.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Magika Hair // Roots Edition // Luna
Skin: Ramya*DOLL* DARK TAN /SMOKED; ::Para Designs:: Eclectic Black Medium
Clothing: .:A&M:. Double Layer Top - Undershirt - Dark Grey - Sheer; PARADISIS Flirty Jeans : Brown

Accessories: Adjunct Eyewear - Precise Readers; KOSH- LOR BRACELET ; KOSH- MIC BRACELET

Poses by: LAP


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