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In The Beginning There Was Purple

We are heading towards the homestretch (week 38)  of our 52 weeks of color with this week's choice a mind-boggling hue called "patriarch". Who knew there was a color by that name? Not I. Patriarch is definitely in the red-violet family, a color we most often call purple. I have a few things in my wardrobe that would have worked for this post, but all were older and you have seen them before, even if you don't remember.

I was chatting with Chandra ( deviousMind and (*chanimations) the other morn and asked her if I had anything of hers that might be that color. I figured that she would remember her designs better than I could. In the end there was nothing.

Well, that wasn't exactly the end. Somewhere along they way, Chandra volunteered to make a new outfit in that color.


Like most creative folks, she seems to get wrapped up in the process of making. Where the process leads? That can be anyone's guess.  There were feathers and tattoos and a burlesque train -- all on my request. Then came a purple nightclub with some luscious wallpaper that somehow got missed in my photography. The stage will be released as a prop in the near future. Obviously she needed to do something with all this designing besides make "ME" an outfit in purple *wink*.  As the clock began its count toward midnight (getting that drama in here) she gave me an official "press release" of sorts.

The new costume "Miss Dhalia" upcoming from deviousMind, is a pre-official-release as sim-hunt gift in "PATRIARCH!" deviousMind is going to get a new devious mind (literally) so the hunt is basically to celebrate the re-opening of her store, and well.. all of us are making presents :-)
The hunt date is soon. Watch Chandra's blog to get the news even before I will.

One thing many of us have learned from this adventure through the color wheel, is that perception (and possibly video cards) lead to many versions of our flavor of the week pigment.  I have done my best to be creative with the photo capture for this shoot. Drama was already guaranteed!

And did we have FUN.

Style Notes: 

Hair: *Dura* Summer group gift(Black) just out - also comes in blond
Clothing: !dM MissDhalia in PATRIARCH
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Accessories: !dM MissDhalia in PATRIARCH

Poses by:LAP, chanimations, niqotine (NLA)


Chandra said…
awwww how could anybody ever get news before YOU :-D

gorgeous pictures as usually, thanks a lot for the fun this evening <3
Miyoko Magic said…
Chic, please go visit all the cool designers every weeks ;) This story is excellent!
Rudhmellowen said…
Such a gorgeous outfit!! Looks like you had so much fun too... Love it!
Rainey said…
Great post! Love the colors and the pics.
Nicandra Laval said…
i liked your pictures .. beautiful the one on stage for example..greetings Nicandra
Aw I love the Burlesque look, and that your friend Chandra made it just for you :) That makes it all the more special!
Unknown said…
So cut and fun! The Burlesque queens would be proud!
Anonymous said…
Ohh, this is an excellent colour for burlesque, well thought! I love those outfits and I'm definitely keeping an eye on the upcoming hunt, thanks for the heads-up!
Mayala Loon said…
what a breathtaking outfit ;-)
Eliza said…
I love it, what a fun story! Looks like you had a great time...
Chandra said…
HUNT DATE is official: July 29th-August 14th :-D

Further info can be found at

And thank you all for the kind comments in regards to the costume - makes for one very happy Chandra! :-D

(see Chic, you DID get the info pretty much equally fast as our blog did :-D)

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