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Back In Time

A new release from Vanity Hair takes us back in time. The "do" comes with hat -- eliminating the need for hat hair or finding a hat to go with the style you are wearing. Both hat and band are color change - black, white and green. You can also tint in edit mode so matching your outfit is a breeze.Sabine is perfect for role play or simply if you like those bygone eras.

If you have been keeping up with my adventures, you know that my New Orleans skybox became a teahouse. Unplanned, it turned out wonderfully. There are lots of fun things to play with including some finds on the current STEAM 7 hunt.

The grandfather clock in the background is number 28 on the hunt; Land of Nodd. It is billed as deluxe and it certainly is. Not only is it lovely (primmy too), it has a complex menu system that lets you control the ticking and chiming. Very authentic. Two other exceptional prizes from this year's hunt can be seen at the teahouse, one from Cedar Bay and one from  Zeitmesser, Inc. 

The teahouse is open and ready for visitors if you want to explore. And if you have time for more adventures, click on the small MOSP sign by the door to get to the welcome area where notecards and landmarks abound. There's plenty more to see.

Have a cup of tea (or coffee) on me !

My outfit is an oldie from Homespun which appears to be closed now. 
Poses by: Vista Animations and Diesel Works


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