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Got Swag?


SWAG Fest opens in a few days. I am not one of the very very VERY long list of bloggers who will be covering this event *wink*. But I am sure I will not be missed. Swag and I are not bosom buddies as you most likely know; in fact I had to do some research to see exactly what "swag" is. Amazingly -- or maybe not -- the votes aren't quite in yet. Still, in the spirit of Urban Goodness, I am doing my best this morning to be swaggy :D.

Part of my outfit hales from the just changed Cricket lucky board. The cropped sweater and heart print blouse (actually a nipple showing strappy dress -- so some swag there even if you can't see it) as well as bracelet and glasses are all part of a big set that includes pants and shoes. With some recent additions to my wardrobe as well as some antiques, I was set -- in my fashion anyway.

I had lots of fun with these shots, partly because there is a new Kneeled II set out from Diesel Works. Lots of dramatic  poses! My locale is The White Maze of Shadowlands, under construction but almost completed at MOSP.  Designed especially for playing with shadows, it is still an adventure even if your computer doesn't support them.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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