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The Autumn Effect Hunt Wrap Up

I want a few gold stars for "completing" The Autumn Effect Hunt. The end was pretty painful with lots of trips back to my house to unbox the hunt item to get the next LM, wandering through numerous decoys (once I find the third one I move on) and just a general "why am I here" feeling. I wasn't having fun, but I did find a few more nice prizes including some that I can actually use right now (always a good thing). So congrats to me for perseverance.  This floral top is a prize from BeauteUniqueBoudo on TAE while my hair is a current gift on the Marketplace from Alli&Ali.

 My purse hales from LOULOU&CO and my backdrop contains prizes from two stores. The table, candelabras and very cute crate stuffed full of Fall veggies are from CIRCA. The landscaping is from The Elegant Goth.  The outdoor area is mod so you can adjust it to your needs!

I really like this tray and table from L'aize Dayz. Some of the pieces are separate so you can add or subtract items to fit your style.

 This decor shelf goes nicely with the tray and table above. Find it at Finishing Touches.

One of my personal favorite finds in the wearables category is this dark black pearl necklace from SaMe Jewelry. My hair is another gift from Alli&Ali on the Marketplace.

Poses by: Behavior Body and Diesel Works


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