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Lots O' Goodness

Lots and lots to tell you about in this post so read carefully *wink*.

First up SHUZ (well of course). New go with anything Phoebe boots from lassitude & ennui at L'Accessoires. These are bonus boots as you get both light and dark wood accents in each set. Several colors to choose from of course. These are definitely goto boots for Fall and winter.

Love this new hair out from EMO-tions. I feel like I am in Flashdance for some reason! Look for the Naomi vendor.

Trompe Loeil has a big collection of baroque benches out for the Arcade Gatcha event. These are spectacular! Both light and dark woods can be won. THREE land impact points; be still my beating heart.   Lots of poses to choose from.  Wait a day or so as the sim is still full with folks clamoring at the gates :D.

My outfit is one of two I won on a lucky board at CRICKET the other evening while picking up those great group gift rompers. Now to be truthful there are a few too many announcements for my tastes so I am turning those off and will check manually from time to time. Still a worthwhile addition to your groups if you have slots.

I am pretty sure I haven't told you about the MOSP Explorer Hunt that is coming up on October 1st. This is an "all me" sim wide hunt encouraging you to explore the region I have been designing. There will be 50 nice gifts!  Many will be home and garden items. There will be LARGE gifts (hint there) and small ones too. And there will be jewelry from my no longer in world shop. These pentacle earrings are an example; great for October holidays. I made some pretty nice stuff in my day *wink*. Items for the guys too!  I will remind ya when the time draws near, but I wanted you to mark your calendar. 

Photos taken at the just completed today City Lights set at MOSP.

Poses by furniture and Diesel Works


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